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James Skipper

Chimichanga Talk!
Panama City, Florida

Hailing from the planet Mars, Dr Ehvil Bheard came to this planet with one goal and one only, to drive a bicycle made of meat. Instead he found Deadpool Speaks, Who took him in and raised him as a pet. The good doctor gets let out of his cage every once in a while to do funny bits with his good buddy all while dreaming up one day fulfilling his goal to write a bicycle made of meat.

A Geeky podcast which averages 2,500 listeners, Chimichanga Talks! takes an insider’s look at the industry from people in the industry. From comics to movies, video-games to novels, we cover it all! Past guests have included: Michael Rooker, Lew Temple, I Fight Dragons, Bobby Nash, and Lloyd Kaufman to name a few.