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Jen Broomall

Lady Death, GI Joe
Cover Illustrator
Artist Alley Table 11A, 3rd Floor

Jen Broomall is a popular Cover Illustrator, but has set her sights on doing interior work in the near future.

She has done many cover and pinups with clientele ranging from Big Dog Ink, Blue Rainbow Online, Zenescope, Aspen and several Independent Companies. She has also done Illustrations and character design for Big Dog Ink. Jen’s next project will be doing covers for Boundless Comic’s Lady Death series.

Jen is a self-taught artist but contributes all her “formal” training to having artistic and supportive parents who taught and surrounded her with creativity from a very young age. However, she has not been drawing seriously until the birth of her daughter which fueled her to work diligently to improve and give comics a shot, something she had always dreamed of doing but never thought she could accomplish.

Today Jen is still working to improve her skills and strives to help set an example for young girls that women are working in comics. Her thoughts are if the talent level is good enough, gender should not matter and hopes her art will improve and represent her motto.