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Doug Sneyd

Cartoonist, Illustrator
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Doug Sneyd, who has been under contract with Playboy since 1964, has had over 450 full-page color cartoons published in the magazine.

The Art of Doug Sneyd, published by Dark Horse Books, features 270 of his Playboy cartoons; the 248-page hardcover book was a 2012 Eisner Award nominee in the Best Humor Publication category. In addition, 14 Sneyd cartoons appear in Playboy: The Cartoons, which celebrates 50 years of Playboy's distinctive brand of humor. As well, 30 of his Playboy originals are among the 235 Sneyd works included in the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa.

Starting out as a book and magazine illustrator, Sneyd also had a successful career as a syndicated cartoonist; his topical political cartoons ran for nearly 20 years in newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Over the years, the Canadian artist has submitted thousands of cartoon gag roughs to Playboy; he selected 100 of his favorite "rejects," the best of the undiscovered Sneyds, for Unpublished Sneyd, now in its second printing.

He travels to a number of comics-cartoon conventions each year, selling original art, limited edition prints, sketchbooks and personalized copies of Unpublished Sneyd. His commissions, including 10 x 14 and 11 x 17 portrait sketches, are also popular with convention attendees.

Visit Sneyd at: www.dougsneyd.com; www.dougsneyd.blogspot.com; Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at www.comicartfans.com