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Science & Technology Panel [clear filter]
Friday, February 19


Intro to Pensacon Ingress
Pensacon welcomes back for the second year in a row the mobile phone-based game Ingress. This panel will teach you everything you need to know to participate with this great GPS game that you can play throughout the weekend as part of your Pensacon experience.

avatar for Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

Enlightened Agent Level 15. I am the Enlightened Leader in Crestview, FL. If I'm not teaching math, I'm playing some sort of game. My top games at the moment are Ingress, Force of Will, and Riichi Mahjong.
avatar for Rodney Fettinger

Rodney Fettinger

Resistance Community Leader lv16, Rodney
I am one of the Leaders of the Resistance that protects all of human kind from the on going incursion of the Shapers.
avatar for Kizmetz


Enlightened Agent Level 16, Ingress by Niantic
I'm an Enlightened agent in Pensacola, FL. My entire family plays with me, even my kids. It's a great free , quality fun for ages pastime. My mom , kids, nephew, sister and our significant others play. We have a great team that enjoys helping new agents learn the game and can help... Read More →
avatar for Lance Lister

Lance Lister

RES agent in the Pensacola/Gulf Breeze/Foley areas.
avatar for Joseph Lynch

Joseph Lynch

I play Ingress Enlightened (lowkeyloki69). I have three little girls who are awesome future gamers.
avatar for Steve Shasteen

Steve Shasteen

Fielding Lead, Faction: Enlightened
I play Ingress on the side of the Enlightened as FoxII. Feel free to send any follow-up questions to sshasteen(at)gmail.com via email or hangout.


UFO Update
Florida MUFON State Section Director George Williams will discuss the latest trends in UFO sightings. He will provide an overview of our area's own famous UFO flap of 30 years ago in Gulf Breeze, and discuss how this area continues to be a hot spot for UFO sightings. SSD Williams will also provide an overview of current MUFON projects and expert advice will be offered on how to make a useful sighting report and what details to note.

Saturday, February 20


IHMC Presents: Rise of the Humanoids - Robotics Science Presentation

Many movies show humanoid robots, but how capable are actual humanoid robots today? What are their abilities? What are their current limitations? What can we expect in the near future?

This presentation will highlight videos from the recent "DARPA Robotics Competition" and video of the NASA "Valkyrie" humanoid robot.

Presenter Dr. Matt Johnson is one of the lead roboticists at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Pensacola, Matt is passionate about making robotic systems more flexible, resilient and effective through human-machine teamwork. In support of this, he is interested in robot control theory, human-centered computing, human factors, and interface design. Currently Matt is involved in several projects including the "National Robotics Initiative: Toward Humanoid Avatar for Co-exploration of Hazardous Environments"


Dr. Matt Johnson

Presenter Dr. Matt Johnson is one of the lead roboticists at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Pensacola, Matt is passionate about making robotic systems more flexible, resilient and effective through human-machine teamwork. In support of this, he is interested in robot... Read More →


Skywatching Indoors and Out
Skywatching can be done all around us, but what do expect to see and how do we get the best experience? We will explore these areas and provide information about how everyone can be a successful Skywatcher. Planetariums can provide excellent opportunities for indoor skywatching, and we will look at what they can offer. Observatories are a great place to peer deep into the night sky using large telescopes. We will look at their use and also to general backyard observatories using smaller portable telescopes. We will also update some new discoveries in the field of Astronomy. Panel participants will include Billy Jackson of the Pensacola State College Planetarium, Dewey Barker of the Escambia Amateur Astronomy Association, and Dr. Wayne Wooten, an astronomy professor at Pensacola State College.


Thor Garber

Astronomy Professor, Pensacola State College
avatar for Billy Jackson

Billy Jackson

Planetarium Director, Pensacola State College
We conduct planetarium shows for groups weekday mornings and do occasional weekend shows. Information about shows is on our website.

Ed McGowan

President, Escambia Amateur Astronomy Association


Underwater Archaeology Technology and Discoveries Off Pensacola
Nicole Grinnan, of UWF's Florida Public Archaeology Network will describe how local shipwrecks are being explored with new underwater technologies, what is being found, and where. A glimpse will also be provided of future technologies under development now for archaeology, as well as some examples from science fiction of how archaeology might be done someday.

avatar for Nicole Grinnan

Nicole Grinnan

Archaeologist, Florida Public Archaeology Network
Nicole Grinnan graduated with a Master’s degree in Historical Archaeology from the University of West Florida, as well as with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Central Florida. Nicole is also certified as a SCUBA Instructor... Read More →


Big Brother Will Be Built for Profit
Long-held fears of an Orwellian surveillance society may appear to be finally materializing, but very differently than originally envisioned in science fiction. In particular, the originators of police-state intrusions and pervasive monitoring are now appearing overwhelmingly from commercial businesses rather than government agencies. Disturbing examples and current trends will be discussed and contrasted with expectations from the not-too-distant past. Audience discussion is encouraged.


Sunday, February 21


Up, Up, and Away with the MESS Hall
This local science museum provides a student-oriented interaction with "Math, Engineering, Science and Stuff" in the form of a makerspace in downtown Pensacola. MESS Hall staff will show examples of their past and current projects and facility features, and will describe opportunities for students to participate in future workshops.

avatar for Sarabeth Gordon

Sarabeth Gordon

Education Director, Pensacola MESS Hall
Sarabeth has a B.S. in Biology from Florida State University and a M.S. in Pharmacology from the University of Washington. Her research interests focused upon molecular components of cardiac cells and the interaction with pharmaceuticals with those components. After graduate school... Read More →


Naval Aviation Treasures

Staff members of the Naval Aviation Museum and National Flight Academy will describe the museum's unique, world-class collection of exhibits, as well as the extensive Academy and its offerings for visitors of all ages. Topics include:

  • How comic books played an important role in WWII, particularly on the Home Front and how comics aided the war effort and shaped many of today's enduring superheroes.
  • Artifacts in the museum's collection pertaining to Miss Baker, a squirrel monkey astronaut who lived on NAS Pensacola for a time, aiding Naval Aerospace Medicine professionals in their research.
  • IT, Cloud Computing, and CyberSecurity.
  • The National Flight Academy's app, focusing on the use of mobile apps in STEM education and outreach.

avatar for Dina Linn

Dina Linn

Curator, National Naval Aviation Museum

Nick Thrasher

Media Specialist/Editor in Chief, Foundation, Naval Aviation Museum Foundation
Nick Thrasher is a media specialist with the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation and editor in chief of the semi-annual "Foundation" magazine. A graduate of the University of West Florida’s history and philosophy programs, Nick has also had a lifelong interest in aerospace technology... Read More →

Amanda Wayland

Registration & Events Coordinator, National Flight Academy


Getting Started In 3D Printing
3D printing has become affordable for most anyone, and interest is surging. This presentation will describe the various ways to begin making your own 3D printed objects, including outsourcing your print jobs, buying your own printer and sharing printers. It will also discuss free software available to begin making your models, with suggestions on how to select the best options for your needs. Print examples from a local 3D printing house will be shown.

avatar for Ricky Wallace

Ricky Wallace

MadMan's Shipyard
MadMan's shipyard is about 3D Printing, CGI, and Custom Designed models. I've been 3D Modeling for 15 years, using Blender and other Open Source tools, which led me into 3D Printing. I've been building 3D Printed models for people all over the world for the last couple of years... Read More →